Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giveaway from supermodel secret!!

hye peeps.. nak menang GA tak?


cara untuk menang this GA sonang je..

ade 2 option k..! 1 by FB and 1 lagi untuk follower website dia..

care untuk join contest neh.. (untuk yang ade blog la) klu by FB boleh refer website dia untuk keterangan lanjut.. =)

BLOG about this contest and Win a Guaranteed Gift!
STEP 1: Blog about this Giveaway with Link to our website + photo
STEP 2: Let us know by leaving your blog link as a comment here with your
Follower ID:
E-mail Address:
Link of the blog post of this contest:
Date and duration of post: (example: from 9 March2011, 7pm until 12 March 2011, 7pm)

You’re DONE! They will send you the Guaranteed Gift after retrieving your info by early April 2011. You also have 1 lucky draw entry for the Grand Prize in April.

haa... senang giler x..?

check it out this website!! :)


p/s: K. Zue join la.. bleh dpt adiah!! =)